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I am a web developer that loves building modern web experiences and web applications with the lastest and most relevant web technologies. I focus on building applications that are optimized for speed as well as usability. Great User-experience is first and foremost the most important aspect of a great website.



Web development Toolbox.
Ideal Workflow
  • Design and Build a Mobile-First, Responsive Design
  • Test and Implement, Test and Implement, repeat 3x
  • Launch a slick web app.
  • Optimize, Optimize, Optimize. Did I mention I really like fast web apps ?
  • More testing and more implementing until it's the best I can deliver.


Other than web development, I am a 4th generation Master Locksmith and a half way decent auto mechanic. I've worked at my families lockshop for the last ten years mastering the trade. When I am not working I am busy learning new web technologies and getting lost in hours of youtube videos.

On the weekends I enjoy visiting the places in New England that time has forgotten, western mass is full of very cool places to visit. One of the highlights of summer 2020 was hiking out to Royalston falls in Royalston, MA with my eleven year old son Jaden. He is an aspiring Youtuber so we recorded the entire hike, it was one of the first hikes we recorded for his channel so we wound up learning a lot about background noise, framerate and resolution just through trial and error. It was amazing to see an entire forest where there was once sprawling farms and homesteads and now the only remnants are old stonewalls that mark the boundaries.

I am also a technophile, I love learning the ins and outs of new and emerging tech. Crypto and Blockchain technology really interest me and I do often find myself trying to figure out how Blockchain could be applied to macro problems as well as everyday micro issues. I am also a huge proponent of online learning, I am a self taught web developer and believe that if there is something you want to learn, you can do it online for free. If you can think of it, then there is an app or a website offering to teach it to you for free. I am currently learning Arabic, Spanish and Vietnamese via the DuoLingo app. It's amazingly addictive.

When I am trying to just sit back and relax you can find me with a cup of tea and some Netflix on the tv. If it's not Netflix it's videogames, there was a time I would play some competive online games, now I just log into Roblox and play with my son.

Certifications & Knowledge

  • Startup Engineering - Stanford University via Coursera
  • HTML/CSS track - codecademy (pre-pro plan)
  • Javascript track - codecademy (pre-pro plan)

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